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 Good beginner set-up 
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jap wrote:
den wrote:
american audio makes technics1200 clones for only 99 euro! its not the technics lifetime-guaranteed turntables for sure, but they seem ok on the paper, they have exactly the same specs. maybe they are as strong as real technics, its worth checkin it out...

ive got an american audio "high torque" turntable since 3 years, theres nothing to complain about, its still perfect, nothin has moved (the pitch, platter, knobs quickly wear on bad turntables) i'm sure i'll keep it ten more years minimum. but its the high-level Aaudio, dunno about cheaper models (for some brands, anly the best hardware is good)

for the mixers, try to find gemini umx series, or stanton, really cheap and strong! make sure you have a bass-med-high knob for each channel and a quick crossfader! if you buy it 2nd hand, just turn all the buttons, if you hear some krrrkshh its no good, and if the faders seem to have worked a lot (not firmly connected) its not good too.

and DONT buy bad gear, you'll destroy it in no time : when i began i've ruined 3 "white label" mixers in only 2 days! the seller was crazy, but hopefully didnt made me paid them...better wait a little if needed, go train yourself around for a while (have you got friends?)

Haha yes, I've got friends... but no friends with turntables and especially no friends that mix DnB xD

Thanks for your reply by the way but I've already got the SynQ TT and Ecler nuo 3 (both second hand) at a very nice price. The nuo3 hadn't even been out of the box :D I'm trying to mix some normal techno tracks just to get used to the gear and beatmatching thingy :P
I think I'm going to check YouTube later today to see if there are any basic tutorials on beatmixing so I don't have to figure everything out on myself!

try beatmatching with kinda straight ahead twostep drumnbass
as it is a style in which you get the most obvious rythmic information
as well as straight hihats, snares, kicks as most of the synth melodies are always tightly in time

then count to 4 and move the pitch slider :D

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Mailman's Advantageously Recorders Violinist's Exuding Looking

Mon Jun 11, 2007 12:56 pm
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Well we don't have such vinyl yet :P

We're planning an extensive visit to gent next weekend :twisted:

Mon Jun 11, 2007 1:49 pm

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I started with denon dns 1000 tabletop cd players and a
gemini 3 channel mixer bought it all on second hand.
Bought cd players so i could experiment with more music styles
cuz i was not sure what music i was going to play.
Later on bought 2 synq xtreme 1's also on second hand.
Still use them now.

I think u have to know with what u start so spin some records at a freind who has a installation u can play at.
If u like it u can buy more expensive material to start with.

I also recommend to buy second hand cuz its not so expensive.
I bought mostly everything on second hand and i didn't have anny problems yet.

If u want to start with new matterial and u dont want to pay to much i recommend JB Systems, the quality is good for the price u pay.

Also read this tutorial if ur thinking about buying a second hands turntable. It tells u what u should check.
http://aboutdj.nl/tutorials/draaitafels ... tafel.html

Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:37 pm
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