Looking for some new kickass turntables
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Author:  Empi [ Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking for some new kickass turntables

Within a couple of months i want to buy some new turntables. I have
a pair of technics 1200's for more then 3 years now but the motor of both turntables are getting a little bit weary.
I've bought both of them second hand, and i have no idea how old they are.
Because i have traktor i can see the pitch and the bpm is not really super stable.
Also if i put the same song on both turntables and i set the pitch on 1% on both turntables, a song
thats 86 bpm would be arround 87,5 on the one tt, and like 88,2 or so on the other...
All these things add up making me want to buy some fresh tt's

I don't know alot about other tt's since i have these Technics since i began dj'ing. I love Technics and i would
LOVE to buy a brand new pair. Unfortunately, as you all know, they stopped producing these :nono:
I've been searching some store's to look at what's available, and what i've noticed is that i barely see a
tt where's there's a % mark on the pitch??? On some tt's there's is just no difference in stripes (like the Reloop RP-6000),
which make it alot harder to beatmatch. Something i really don't understand why the hell they make it so shitty.
And than you have the Stanton ST-150 which is the opposite, and have almost no marker at all.
I could live with that, if 1 marker would be 2%, which is not the case,
since 5 markers on 8% would be 1,6%. I also don't know why they did this..

I have began screening forums for real users telling about their experience with tt's but i thought, let me also ask this on breakzforum.

So, tell me, what tt's are you using and why do you love them?
And if you know someone that sells his Technics, and they're not that old. Please, tell me! :)

Author:  Ki-Asm [ Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for some new kickass turntables

I'm fairly new to vinyl but I have two Reloop RP-4000's.
So far I didn't find anything that bothers me.
Works great for basic setup don't know, but they might be 'weak' in comparison to Technics if you're a pro DJ.

Bought mine secondhand for 100 euros. Think they go €300/each new.

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